Tackling Depression at University

University is normally a person’s first real taste of the struggles of real life. As such it can be a make or break moment for people…even those who make it might suffer some scratches and damage.

Depression is all too common on university campuses with 1 out 5 uni students facing it. From my own experiences, depression is more about management, of your life and schedule.

 Here is how:

1.     Support Systems

The non-stop competition among students may leave some feeling isolated. It is crucial to develop support systems like a close circle of friends or rapport with the campus therapist to unload any frustrations instead of keeping them bottled up.

2.     Physical Activity

Depression often attacks during moments of loneliness when contemplation exceeds a healthy amount and wanders off towards darker thoughts. Engage yourself in physical activity which leaves you with less time to think about unnecessary things. It also provides a boost of positive chemicals and hormones to your brain which makes you feel better.

3.     Course Selection

Proper course selection leaves you with a reasonable workload to balance different aspects of the university experience. This is one of the most important steps in preventive dealing with depression.

You cannot run away from depressive episodes or feeling down or lack of interest during university. Those 3 or 4 years will provide you with a multitude of good and bad experiences in the period of a short time. It is how you deal and manage them and prepare accordingly is what basically university is meant to teach us. Good luck!

A Guide to Spending 3 University Years in Derby

So, you have locked down your university and decided to go to Derby University. Student life follows a general skeleton for students everywhere, similar patterns but these are some of the specific places and activities to do in Derby life.

·      Pubs

Derby is host to a long tradition and history of the best pubs and nightclubs to offer students on their weekends for good old hours of fun with friends. The main area you will want to visit is Friar Gate which holds most of the clubs and bars, which makes it the center of nightlife.

However, if you want to go a bit classy in fine history and culture, then one of the oldest pubs from the 16th century, Ye Olde Dolphin Inne is also found right in Derby is the way to go.

·      Historical Attractions and Architecture

If you have an appreciation for history and architecture then Derby is filled with many cathedrals, museums and other such institutions and buildings. Take trips on weekends with friends and cross these monuments off your bucket list.

·      Shopping

Derby has plenty of stores and sites to visit for all your shopping needs. Whether you want to splurge and get some frivolous mall shopping done or have your pick of the finest and freshest product at a farmer’s market. If commercial mall shopping is your plan then intu Derby is the place to be at. You will find many shops and all the brands for your student life. For your grocery shopping, Derby has all the stores like ASDA, Tesco, Marks and Spencers, ALDI and LIDL.

·      Countryside Strolls

Derby is home to several parks and is, in fact, among the top in the UK for parkland per capita, providing ideal areas and places to escape from the hustle and bustle of the university and relax and bask in nature’s warmth while having a picnic with friends.

University is the prime time to learn the value of taking it slow and Derby’s parks will be a valuable teacher. The Derby city council organizes several wildlife-walks to appreciate our local fauna and countryside. A countryside walk in Derby is an optimum retreat to unwind and relax after a week of university.

·      Theatre and the Fine Arts

If you wish to indulge in finer entertainment, then Derby is home to the Derby Theatre. Refurbished in 2012, it is the ideal place to go and enjoy stage productions, plays, and performances. University life is one of the best times to enjoy such shows as the later years of life may not allow the time to frequently enjoy such productions.

Student life in Derby may not be as fast paced or cosmopolitan as somewhere like London but it will allow you to appreciate the value of calmness and serenity. Some things in life are better enjoyed at a quieter pace and Derby life you will find will be the same.

How Social Media Contests Can Help Grow Your Brand

In this socially connected age, social media is one of the best platforms to get your brand noticed and increase your sales. There are many ways to get your name out there.

 One of the best ones is to organize a social media contest.

Few things can match up to the excitement that a contest brings. If the prize is something that people want, not only will they engage with your brand, they’ll also share it with their friends. Here are some ways organizing a social media contest helps grow your brand.

1.     They Promote Your Brand to a Wider Audience:

Social media contests are a great way to build a community and promote your brand to a large audience. When a contest is nicely planned, it encourages your followers to tell their friends and family about it. The more they share, the more eyes are brought to your brand.

2.     They Increase Engagement on Your Page:

Since most contests involve people having to like, share, or comment on posts to take part, is great way of increasing the engagement you get on your social media pages. This also has another benefit to it. People who like your page are sent notifications every time you upload something new.

3.     Increase Sales:

Even though your main reason for organizing the contest was to build your brand, it doesn’t hurt to try and convert your visitors into customers. Link visitors to your website where they can fill in a form with their details. At the very least, you’re expanding your email list.

If people were interested in your product in the first place, a contest would only encourage them on to make a purchase. This is especially true in the case of the winners. If the prize was your product, and your product satisfied them, they’ll be more likely to return to buy something else from you.

Social media contests can be a useful marketing tool when used correctly. If you haven’t organized one yet give it a go. Doing such contests helps you stand out from your competition. You’ll be able to engage your visitors and hopefully, make a few sales off out of it

Tips to Ensure a Twitter Following

If you’re new to Twitter, you might find things to be a little more complicated than usual. How can one expect to gain more followers simply by writing a few sentences?

This is no reason for new starts to worry about getting traction though because Twitter after all is social media. Similarly your count of followers can expand in the thousands overnight by just the right tweet. The chances for that though are circumstantial and luck based. Instead here are some solid reliable tips to ensure you have a strong base for gaining followers:

·      Quality Content

Needless to say this is the bare minimum. The actual content might be different in pretty much all kinds of ways but it should be quality and good for its intended segment. From ‘dank’ memes to sophisticated artistry, quality content is step 1.

·      Tricks of The Trade

Keep up to date with the tools Twitter provides and how to use them for maximum reach and impact. Hashtags, mentions, hyperlinks, social media plugins.etc Each and every one of these tools will help you get a handle on for that wide spread.

·      Get Noticed

And by that I mean by influentials, influencers and the specific audience that you are targeting. Get in their notice and get them to refer or share and promote your talent.

4 Ideal Meal Recipes for Uni Students

From someone who has been there, why don’t you get unto this a simple tasty meal in 5-10 minutes tops instead of getting in touch with the pizza delivery guy?

As a uni students myself, these are the easiest recipes I found to maintain a balance between time, taste and health

1.     Steaks

Who doesn’t love a good piece of steak? You know another nice thing about steaks? They require at most 10 minutes cooking and will leave you with a juicy piece of meat to savor. All you need is a pan, salt, pepper, oil and garlic.

2.     Pastas

Did you know you could create the most delicious pasta in 10 minutes tops with some boiled noodles, salt, chili pepper flakes, olive oil and your favourite vegetable. Sometimes the simple things in life can give the best result

3.     Sandwiches

Slice some fresh vegetables, some simple meat cuts and ketchup and voila. You have a totally healthy and satisfying snack. You could fancy it up a little bit of cheese.

4.     Curry

Once you try your hand at it, cooking a curry will be one of the easiest tasks. Fry some fresh vegetables and meats, add spices, sauces and seasonings, add a bit of water, boil gently and you are done.

Try your hand at cooking these meals in the and who knows, you might find that inner chef within all the while!

How to Reference Your Assignments Using Mendeley

When writing assignments, it is required to quote the sources from where you get your information. Failing to do so is plagiarism. Currently, there are a whole host of tools that you can use for this task.

However, if you want a reference tool that’s easy to use, then Mendeley is the way to go.

Getting Started with Mendeley:

Before you can use Mendeley, you will need to install the software on your computer. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Visit the Mendeley website and follow the steps to creating an account.
  2. Download the software and then install it onto your computer.
  3. Sign in to your account when give rise to do so by the software.
  4. Mendeley will ask you to import papers from your computer, or from other references to create your reference library.

Installing the Plugin:

Mendeley has a plugin that can be used with Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. The steps to install these plugins are as follows:

  1. Select “Tools” at the top of the Mendeley desktop screen.
  2. Select “Install MS Word Plugin” or “Install LibreOffice Plugin.”

Inserting Citations:

Now that you’ve installed the software and added documents to your reference library, you can start adding citations to your work. Here is how you can use Mendeley for this task:

  1. Position your cursor where you want to insert the reference.
  2. Click on the “Insert Citation” button in the toolbar.
  3. Choose the document you wish you reference.
  4. Click on “Cite” in the toolbar.
  5. A reference will now be added where your cursor was placed in your assignment.

Making a References Section:

When you’re done citing all your references, you’ll need to create a references section in your assignment.

  1. Position your cursor where you want to insert the references.
  2. Click on the “Insert Bibliography” button at the top of the screen.
  3. All references used in the assignment will be displayed in the order and format of your assignment.

Having to reference your assignments can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Luckily, tools like Mendeley are there to help you. With this software, adding and managing references is easier than ever. Good luck with your assignments!

3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Matters

There’s an answer to almost every question, and a way to get just about anything via the internet. Marketers immediately noticed the potential the internet had to promote their brands, and in turn, make more sales.

But why the switch? What makes digital marketing so appealing to brands? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons!

1.     Cost Effective Alternative to Big Advertising:

Creating a page on social media and advertising yourself to people costs nothing these days. There might be a small charge to boost your posts, but it’s nominal when compared to what companies would pay for TV or radio spots.

This cost-effectiveness is incredibly beneficial to smaller businesses who may not have the money to afford massive marketing campaigns.

2.     Everyone is Online:

Possibly the biggest reason why digital marketing is the way forward – at least for the near future, is that everyone is connected to the internet these days.

Be it through their cellphones, tablets, computers, and even their televisions, everyone is connected to the internet through some device or another.

This huge network of people is something that can be easily used to market your products or services. Not everyone will want what you’re selling, but through the internet, you can find people in your specific slot who are interested in buying your products.

3.     Customer Support Made Easy:

In the days before the internet, customers who bought a damaged product would have to make the trip back to the store to return it. Not only was this a task but it also meant that the brand’s image suffered in the eyes of that customer.

Things like live chats, polls on social media and other things help brands establish their image with their customers.

There’s no doubt about it, the future of marketing is going to be based around the internet and the globally connected web of people.

How to Create an Infographic

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of an infographic, those thousand words might as well be ten thousand. An infographic is an excellent way of communicating large amounts of data in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and keeps hold of reader attention.

 If you’re looking to create an infographic, then these are the steps you need to follow.

1.     Gather Your Information:

Info-graphic. The word itself means a visual representation of information. If you aren’t displaying any information in your graphic, then what’s the point in making one?

·      Choose an Appropriate Topic:

Take your time when it comes to choosing a topic for your infographic. Deliberate over whether the information you’re providing even needs to be represented visually.

·      Look for Numbers and Data:

Numbers and graphics go well together. This is because numbers take up less space on a chart, yet hold a lot of value. If you already have data that you can work with, that’s great. Otherwise, Google is the best place to start searching.

2.     Visualize Your Data:

·      Make Your Infographic Flow Smoothly:

Because an infographic represents data visually, you will need to find a way to make sure your data flows well from one point to another. At this point, it’s best to take the data you’ve collected and see how different aspects relate to one another.

3.     Start Designing Your Infographic:

·      Pick a Template:

Creating a proper template for your infographic can take a lot of time. Luckily, templates are readily available on the internet. If you choose to go for a pre-made template, choose one that fits the data you’re presenting.

·      Choose a Color Scheme:

Once you’ve chosen your template or designed your own, it’s time to pick a color scheme that best conveys the mood of your infographic. If you are not sure about it, make multiple versions with different color schemes. Ask different people’s opinions and choose the most popular one.

4.     Get Feedback:

Once you’ve designed your infographic and you are happy with it, show it off to your friends, family, and colleagues. Get their opinion on your work. A different set of eyes always helps identify areas for improvement. Use the feedback you get to improve your infographic.

If you’re looking to present a large amount of data, infographics are the way to go. Take your time when designing one. Pick your topic carefully, do your research, and make sure your infographic has a smooth flow to it. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll make an infographic that gets people’s attention.

The Step-by-Step Process to Setting up Your Twitter Account

With about 134 million users logging in every day, Twitter is one of the major social media platforms.

One reason which explains the popularity is the simplicity with which anyone can make a Twitter account and enter the digital land. Here is how you do it:

  • Profile name: Choose a name which captures some of your personality, or do not. You can change it later or take it completely random. Make it your full real name if the account is for official purposes.
  • Picture: The display picture will be the one people will first see on profile and every time you tweet, so choose something which is memorable and evocative of yourself.
  • Bio: When it comes to Twitter profiles, bios aren’t that important unless you have some sort of businesses that you are trying to promote. so do not make them long personal essays. Go for something short yet sweet, direct and clear.
  • Follow: One of the key aspects of how you interact with Twitter. Once you are done with making your account, you will need to follow whatever relevant people you want. Friends, family, actors, politicians.etc This will be your gate to the global Twitter community.
  • Tweet: The other key aspect of interacting with Twitter. Start tweeting! That is after all the main mode of interaction on Twitter. Tweets are short posts or thoughts about anything and any topic you would want to opine on. People will respond, like, share and reply and this is how Twitter activity goes.
  • Check: Just tweeting will not gain you traction or help you make full use of your account. You need to check back on the replies and mentions on your tweets and respond back.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to becoming a twitterati!